Hi everyone,

We have worked out three ways to hold lessons online! FaceTime has been working quite well, and I’m excited to start teaching this way. I don’t think anything can beat being together, but I think this is a great way for me to connect with your child until things go back to normal.

Camera Setup

This is how I have my iPad setup on a tripod. The viewing angle shows my hands on the keyboard and I can turn and face the camera while speaking. The student can see my face while I’m teaching, can see my hands while I am demonstrating and can see me guiding them on the sheet music that we are playing together.

I suggest orienting the student’s device similar to this so I can also clearly see the student’s face and hands.

Student'a View

This is approximately what it will look like to the student on their iPad or phone. It looks a lot more clear live than what is shown here. I have pretty good lighting that I can use to augment the natural light if need be.

Remember that if your child will be using a device the connection quality depends on a number of factors, but mainly the speed and quality of your WiFi signal. I have now decided to use my iMac instead of my iPad, because its Internet connection is about 5 times faster than my iPad or iPhone.

I have setup a Skype account that can be used as an alternative to FaceTime, if that is more convenient for you. You can reach me at User Name: Gere Fennelly or my phone number (323) 633-4865. I have also setup a Zoom room https://zoom.us/join. If you prefer to use this service, I can setup a unique Meeting ID and Password for each student and we can meet online at Zoom every week, at the scheduled day and time.

Apart from confirming our schedule, I’ll need to know which of the above remote meeting services your child will be using ahead of time, and the phone number or User Name that they use to connect.

I am sure that your kids will be a lot better at this than I will be! In the beginning any way, but I’ll catch up pretty quickly and this will be a very rewarding experience for your child. Maybe not as much fun as usual, but I know that we’ll all be back together again very soon! Who knows, now that they won’t be in school they may get an even bigger kick out of their lesson than normal! Maybe they’ll even practice!! HAHA!

I love you all, big virtual hugs and kisses to everyone!