Gere Fennelly started her Piano Academy in 2008 by finally giving in to popular demand for her teaching services.

Being a grown-up kid herself, she had always naturally taken to teaching and enjoying music with kids. She herself was a child prodigy, becoming a church organist at the age of ten. Since that time she had played with too many children’s choirs to count. She had also played for many years at leading private schools in the ballet and classical music programs. So after the umpteenth time someone asked her to please start teaching piano to their child, she relented and started her teaching business.

After learning every teaching technique she could from leading piano teacher colleagues and voracious reading she plunged in and all of her available time was immediately booked solid.

Today she remains one of the most sought-after (and busiest) piano teachers in Los Angeles.

She attributes this fact to two primary reasons – first, she makes learning music fun. While she loved all of her own piano instructors, they were tough, and that was ok with her. But she understands that not every child is going to be a prodigy, or grow up to be a professional musician. So she tailors each individual teaching program to the child’s own unique ability and personality.

Secondly, and most importantly, Gere believes that having the ability to love and understand music is a wonderful gift that one can enjoy throughout their entire life. If you learn music as a child, chances are good that you will always love and maybe even dabble in music, maybe much more. Gere’s intense love for music and the gift she has for it comes through in her teaching. Her students, young and old, love her and look forward to playing with her.

Gere does not have a traditional piano studio – yes, her students can come to her home in Hollywood if they wish, but her standard method of teaching is to travel to her students homes to teach them right where they are most comfortable.

Gere works seven days a week, covering the Los Angeles metropolitan area between Venice and Silverlake. She teaches all ages — from 4 to 72 years young (so far).

Classes are generally 30 minutes each, and each day is dedicated to the students living within a specific area. She does an awful lot of driving in LA traffic, but it is a labor of love.

There is generally a waiting list for students, but openings do arise from time to time and she welcomes all new students with open arms.

The best way to reach Gere is through the Contact section of this website or to become her Facebook friend.

Gere Fennelly