Release date : Jun. 28, 2024


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Gere will be releasing her new EP of piano music called “Synesthesia” on all major streaming and download sites on June 28. The presale starts on June 21.
She said:
“Synesthesia is a phenomenon that causes sensory crossovers, such as tasting colors or feeling sounds. I know a person who sees colors when he hears music and that has always fascinated me. I have always loved bright colors and used six of them as inspiration for the songs on this EP.
This music is a big departure from the rock and punk styles I am known for playing with Redd Kross and the other bands in my career. But they are very personal to me, and I really enjoyed creating and recording them.
I hope this music brings joy to every listener, and maybe some bright colors into their lives as well. Thank you for listening and for all the love you’ve shown me over the years!”

Gere Fennelly