Hi Everyone,

We all have the COVID-19 threat on our minds today, and I want you to know that the continued health and safety of your children is my top priority.  I am happy to continue to come to your homes to continue giving in-person lessons. But I will be taking strong precautions to reduce the risk that I or any of my students become infected through our weekly lesson.


1. I will no longer shake hands with or hug any parent like I often do;

2. I will no longer touch or lean directly over a student;

3. I will thoroughly wash my hands immediately upon entering every student’s home; 

4. I ask that you make sure your child’s hands are washed prior to each lesson; and

5. I can wear a mask during each lesson if this is your preference.

I also ask that you tell me in advance if your child has any form of symptoms like a runny nose or a cough. Even if it is just a cold, it is best that we postpone the lesson until the symptoms are resolved.

I’m also in the process of setting up my home studio so that I can teach lessons via the Internet. Some of you might opt for this style of instruction for a while, and I will be happy to accommodate you.  I will send you separate instructions on how this will work.
In difficult times like this, we turn to music and friendships to remind us what is truly important in life. We can work together through this difficult period to maintain a degree of normalcy in your children’s lives, and to focus their attention on something fun and positive.
I am dedicated to continue to bring music into the lives of your children to help bring them a bit of happiness and positivity every week. I want you to know how much you all mean to me and thank you for allowing me to come into your home every week to bring the joy of music to your family.